Bad statistic : Useless Official reading habit statistics

Posted On 05/03/2007

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Sharon Bakar mentioned about the “infamous” Malaysian reading habits statistics.

In the real world, statistics are mean use to improve things. However, in the case of National Statistics department (huh! what’s that for?), they always make useless bad statistic. For example, their reading habits statistics study give so little viable information to help improve Malaysian reading habits.

For example, the statistics department fail to gather practical information such as

  • Book price grouping
  • Book volume group by language
  • Volume of various categories books import to Malaysia
  • Total annual books purchase value
  • Type of books purchased
  • Books purchase power drop down by ethnics

And the most important issue : what kind of methodology they use to gather the information ? Living in Malaysia for more than 20 years, I never come across any book reading habits survey on the street. So my question is, where the hell this statistic department gather the information from?

Having a “practical” statistics is important. Just take book volume group by language by example : if English and Chinese book volume is more than Malays language books, this mean the Malays readers are in grave disadvantages on book choices and information.

While the purchase power will allow the government to further assess whether particular ethnics are lacking the habits to read or too poor to purchase books. Thus solution can be derived from the statistics.


One Response to “Bad statistic : Useless Official reading habit statistics”

  1. bibliobibuli

    i’m sure all this info was gathered … but why wasn’t the study made public? surely it is in the public interest! very strange the way things work here

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