Malaysia knowledge works go low, street works pay high

Posted On 07/03/2007

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Is this reflect the current trends of Malaysia economy?

Recently, I notice my pathetic white collar job does not pay as handsome as people that work on the street, those who doing so call “sweating blue collar” jobs.

It is after I’ve been slap with a RM400 bills on some 6 hours hardware installation works. And fixing a hooks on a ceiling fans will cost me another RM75. On the other hand, when chatting with my friend, I just learn that single web page design goes as low as RM100.

And yet another contrast, most Malaysia SME company willing to pay a RM800 physical installation works, but think knowledge consultation are costly and resort to “asking for free favor” from friend that specialize on particular field. And the f*cking meals may cost RM300, and yet, these people still refuse to pay a proper consultation cost of RM800, which they can write it off in their business cost account book.

K-Economy? Brain drains? For Malaysia knowledge worker who haven’t establish an secure high profile knowledge works, they better seek greener pasture from overseas or get internet online knowledge works than betting on it. At least overseas works pay in Euro or US dollar. 😉


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