Problogger clean theme KISS innovations

Posted On 07/03/2007

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Ok, This new theme looks familiar.

Yes, it is the Problogger Clean Theme design by Tim Yang & Ozh. (oh yes, you can’t use the URL using any local IP, it seems the designers subscribe with some services which block all IP from Malaysia; hint : use a proxy)

No, I am not going to clutter my blog with tons of ads. Instead, I am using the theme because it is lean and clean. Since I always KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). There is no elegant background design, nor come with special features. But it is the only themes that doesn’t mess up the blog stylesheet when I post large photos (Believe me, the impact of bigger photo is many times greater than tiny little web photo).

And the theme is using flexible scaling (vs fix scaling in many themes), so I have little worry that the page will not fit properly under various display resolution (1280×800, 1680×1280, or even old school 800×600).

Thumbs up to Tim Yang & Ozh. Great works!


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