Photo blog : Compression quality vs photo resolution

Posted On 08/03/2007

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Mirror mirror on the wall, compression ratio and resolution, which one should I choose for my blog photos.

This is a common question raise in the mind of many bloggers.

Since bandwidth come with a price : besides the hosting bandwidth cost, there is risk of impatient reader skip you blog due to wait on slow loading of high quality photo.

So the blogger must choose whether to post

  • High quality, small photo resolution(e.g. 320×480)
  • or

  • Low quality, big photo (640×480)

In my opinion, if you want to impress your reader, post high resolutions large photo than low resolutions high quality photo.

A street shot in Petaling Jaya Old town.
Resolution 401×410 pixel, low Jpeg quality, 45% compression ratio, 89KB

fascination - small
Resolution 310×320 pixel, high jpeg quality, 85% compression ratio,66KB

In my opinion, the bigger photo wins hands down over the smaller one.

Streets picture
You bet it, this is a low quality 45% compression photo 🙂

p/s: For group/family blog photo, it doesn’t harm to use the low compression ratio, low resolution photo. Since most reader are not interested on photo quality anyway.


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