Bleeding edge : Windows Notebook SATA hard disk driver supports

Posted On 09/03/2007

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What happens you just purchase a new notebook computer with a SATA drive and try to install older Windows other than Vista, e.g. Windows XP, Windows 2003?

You will be surprise that you are almost on your own if you want to customise the notebook partition yourself than paying extras fee to get the manufacturer engineer to partitions the hard disk yourself. Because you just can’t pass the first step of Windows XP/2003 installation : the installer does not support come with SATA driver build in.

Here is some solution to overcome this issues.
Note : DO NOT repartition and format your SATA hard disk using the Linux OS before install Windows XP

Tweaking CMOS Bios Setup

  • DELL notebook : enter the CMOS BIOS by pressing F2, find the configuration to enable SATA/PATA compatibility mode
  • HP notebook : Enter the CMOS BIOS by pressing F10, look for hard disk device configuration mode, turn the SATA native mode to off. (warning: although this step is suggested by many user, but it DOESN’T work on some model e.g. NX6320. And it you can’t turn on the native SATA mode after success installation. XP will not boot up. )
  • IBM notebook : Enter the CMOS BIOS. Go to Config, look for ATA/Serial ATA and select Compability
  • Acer notebook : Acer is few manufacturer that bold to experiment with hardware, they are suppose to build SATA driver into their installer. If otherwise, just continue the reading to create windows installer.
  • Sony, Fujitsu, Toshiba : Not sure. If you can’t get the XP/2003 installer detect the SATA disk, keep on reading

However, in many case, the above “ATA/SATA” or “PATA/SATA” compatibility mode may not work. So it is safer to make an Windows XP installer which capable to detect your SATA drive.

Create Windows XP installer with SATA driver

p/s: You are on you own if your sissy notebook/PC dealer only give you the “Windows Recovery CD”. OK, if you have friend with an OEM Windows XP installer, just borrow the CD will do. Use you own notebook Windows XP/2003 Product key.

    Download Intel Storage Matrix driver either from Intel SATA driver download site . You may search through your notebook driver CD for the hard disk driver. If you can’t find it, download is the best way to get the driver. Check you notebook manual for the exact chipset driver you should use.

    Note : HP notebook engineer should be spank hard on creating the installation file that force you to extract the driver into a FLOPPY disk. This is lame. Even Lenova allow you to unzip the SATA driver into normal disk folder

  1. Extract the driver to a folder, e.g. C:\satadriver
  2. Download Windows installer image rebuild tools, I suggest nLite. Which I use to rebuild the installer image.
  3. Install nLite
  4. Insert you Windows XP installation disk and copy it to your system local hard drive. e.g. C:\XP_source
  5. Run Nlite. You can read the documentation here and figure it out or follow my instruction, it is similar

  6. In Language Selection, select your desire language and click Next.
  7. When ask about the Windows Installation source, point to the place where you copy you Windows XP installer e.g. C:\XP_source
  8. click Next button, and you will be present with number of selections
  9. Click “Integrate drivers” and the box on the left will turn green.
  10. click Next button. Integrate Driver windows will appear
  11. Click Insert button. Choose single driver and point to where you extract the SATA driver, e.g. C:\satadriver
  12. You will notice there is 2 INF to be choose. Both INF is the same, just choose one
  13. Click Next button
  14. You will come to a screen to create ISO image and label name.
  15. Enter the same label name with the Windows Installer CDROM
  16. give an ISO image name , e.g. c:\xp_sata.iso and start the creation. This will take 10-20 minutes
  17. Click next and exit nLite
  18. Now open you popular CD burner software and write the ISO image, e.g. c:\xp_sata.iso into a blank CDROM. Some notebook/PC might not come have the ISO image burning option, just search google and look for ISO image burner.

That’s it. And keep you new XP installer CD together with your notebook driver disc.


3 Responses to “Bleeding edge : Windows Notebook SATA hard disk driver supports”

  1. Shaf

    Its cool. It works. Great. 🙂 Thanks a lot bleeding edge for yr help.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Bleeding edge : Windows Notebook SATA hard disk driver supports, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

    moo_t : It is something to do with the Windows XP installation disc. Most manufacturer XP OEM disc does not come with a SATA driver. However, the manufacturer all in one installation disc that install everything (including junks) does come with the SATA driver. But for people who prefer to do clean XP installation, you need to slipstream the SATA drivers to XP CD.

  3. Guru_XP

    I test your system with TOSHIBA TECRA notebook . . .
    Work fine

    nlite is fantastic

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