Technical review : PayPerPost “Get paid to Review my post” experiments

Posted On 09/03/2007

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PayPerPost just create another experiment to tag with the search engine giant Google advertisement power.

To carry out the experiment successfully, PayPerPost has create an incentive to pay money on behalf of the PayperPost subscriber just to increase blog traffic.

In my opinion, it is an experiment to test series of search engine Pigeonrank 😉 ability :

  • Successfulness in helping individual blogger Pigeonrank
  • The Pigeon effectiveness on “sensing” sudden surge of rank cause by this exeperiments
  • Tolerance on multiple site using the same URL banner for advertisement purposes, whether the pigeon will be instruct to ignore particular blog post carried the URL

The tolerance level experiment are mean to counter check on the effect of “paid to link” censoring system. For example, when PPP blogger embed the identical “Get Paid To review my post” link into their blog, the Pigeon may have teach to ignore such post not to be weight, thus that particular post will not carried any PigeonRank.

Here is an illustration of how pigeon treating the blog page with PPP URL. (Just my speculation)
ppp vs pigeonrank

If this is true, Payperpost may have to come with some work around for the blogger. But that will be another experiments 😉


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