What attract people to Las Vegas, metropolitan in the middle of desert?

Located 48 km (30 miles) northwest of the Hoover Dam, the first impression of many about Las Vegas, is the sleepless casino. The second impression to the tourist are Mojave Desert, upon arrival.

Beside the above point, Las Vegas is the world wedding capital. Where famous hollywood star arrange their wedding here, in the famous Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

But all this does not give a feasible reason for one to settle down on Las Vegas real estate to live their life here.

In facts, Las Vegas is a metropolitans absent of corporate tax and personal income tax (although Nevada states does impose a 6.5% sales tax). This has attract many businesses has relocate their office to Las Vegas. As being a 24 hour city, sourcing human resources is never a problem for a call center.

Perhaps Las Vegas economy is best describe in the wikipedia :

Tourism industry. In the past the casinos were the one major attraction. Now shopping, conventions and fine dining are also major forces in attracting the tourist dollar. With about 130,000 hotel rooms, as of 2005, to fill, the conventions help fill the hotels, destination restaurants, and shopping malls on the Strip.

There is a balance between all of the tourist operations in town. The conventions need hotel rooms, dining, and entertainment options. The hotels need the conventions, and tourists to fill their rooms. The restaurants depend on travelers in the hotel rooms to fill their tables. Everyone depends on a good road system to get travelers into town as well as available and reasonably priced airline seats.

Over the past few years, retirees have been moving to the valley driving businesses that support them, from housing to health care

Besides tourism industrial and tax incentive, Las Vegas continue expand the city economy diversity. The city has continue to develop the city as World Market Center. The $60 million Lou Ruvo Alzheimer’s Institute is announced in year 2005 and will be opened this year (2007).

The thriving economy make Las Vegas real estate both demanding and competitive business. So it is not surprise that online real estate agent such as http://www.millionsaver.com are gathering a niche on luxury homes market. From the online real estate portal, buyer can do their research within the finger tips; when in the old day, this is both cost and time consuming works.
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downtown of Las Vegas
Photo(pubic domain) courtesy of Jon Sullivan. You may download higher resolution photo by clicking here

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