Politickus, it is not bloggers that want to get you pat-pat spanks!

Posted On 12/03/2007

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I will not be surprise that blogger become the most fearful people in Malaysia for the politicians compare to Paparazi . Because the ruling government castrated the main stream media(MSM), lots of shit that the minister/officer speak in the public is never appear in local media.

Worst, due to lack to check and balance to teach those brainless officer lesson of responsibility, these officer done more damage to the country when their bad mouth are noted down by oversea media as laughing stock. And come to the money, mainstream media dare not to play their roles to angers their pay master, e.g. corporate and political parties that advertise on media. In worst case, MSM even willing to spin a story regardless of public interest just make a their pay master look good.

Good dogie

Because the country is doing the best of muting the mainstream channel practicing the 4th estate, with the advanced of broadband services, social-politics blogs and various dissident blogs filled up the vacuum so rapidly and start threatening MSM spin doctor roles.

Because whistle blower stand pretty thin(thinner than rice paper ) chance to get things correct(worst, they will get jailed, I-arSe-Aied, Owe-arSe-Aied), “interesting” information no longer going through the official channel. Such data will be given to blogger or online portal to test water of the official.

This week, the hottest “insider story” are about personal information of the minister just blatantly claims blogger are liars and most of them are unemployed woman.

p/s: I think the 80% claimed are not original. Recently, his boss, Mr Blah just talk about 85% prophecy . Typical copycat.

Like case in paparazi, the informant can be anyone. Drivers, neighbor, colleague, friends, and even wife(wives) that get angry with them.

Perhaps Time Magazine’s Person of the Year: You does have more explanation than what we though off. 😉


One Response to “Politickus, it is not bloggers that want to get you pat-pat spanks!”

  1. KY

    what a good puppy….

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