Able was I, ere I saw Elba!

Posted On 13/03/2007

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Lately, my blog posts are inspire by many politickus in the country.

One has turn me, a blogger to a good girls appealing bad boy. While another are getting an rewards that inspire me to recall this Palindromes.

You can go wikipedia to to learn the long history about Palindromes

Actually, Napoleon Hill foundation has nothing to do with the French Emperor Napoleon I of France but Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883–November 8, 1970), an American author .

And here is series of Book written by Napoleon Hill.

  • Think and Grow Rich (ISBN 1-59330-200-2)
  • How to Sell Your Way through Life (ISBN 0-910882-11-8)
  • The Law of Success (ISBN 0-87980-447-5)
  • Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude (ISBN 1-55525-270-2)
  • You Can Work Your Own Miracles (ISBN 0-449-91177-2)
  • Napoleon Hill’s keys to success (ISBN 0-452-27281-5)

It you think some of the topics closely match the profile of the recent Napoleon Hill rewards receiver, too bad, it is just co-incidents. Don’t sued me.


3 Responses to “Able was I, ere I saw Elba!”

  1. KY


    moo_t : ;p

  2. nat tan

    actually, my name is a pallindrome! 😀 😀

  3. Ross Cornwell

    I enjoyed reading your blog today, and it occurs to me that you might be interested to learn that a new edition of Napoleon Hill’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich” has been published.

    Its title is “Think and Grow Rich!” (subtitled) “The Original Version, Restored and Revised.” I am the editor/annotator of this new 412-page edition, which is really an homage to Dr. Hill. (For several years I was the editor-in-chief of “Think & Grow Rich Newsletter.”)

    What I have done is this: to restore Dr. Hill’s book to its original manuscript content (it was first published in 1937, but was abridged in 1960), annotate it with more than 50 pages of endnotes (most of the persons and events he discusses are generally unknown to readers today), index it thoroughly, add an appendix with a wealth of additional information about Dr. Hill and his work, and revise the book in ways to help remove certain “impediments” to reading the book today (language that today would be considered obsolete, sexist or racist). None of these things had previously been done with TGR.

    If you would like to learn a little more about this project, a quick visit to will give you some details. The “Editor’s Foreword” provides more complete information, and the “Testimonials” page will demonstrate how well-received this new book is around the world. Here is the book’s page:

    The book is available on all the Amazon websites and most other online sellers, it can be ordered by any bookstore, and it will start appearing in bookstores soon. We also sell directly, at bulk discount rates, to success coaches.

    Our edition of TGR! is superior in every way to other versions on the market. It is a trade paperback, not a pocket-size mass market paperback. It is 412 pages versus 256+ (depending on the edition). It looks better, feels better, reads better than any other version. It is fast becoming the “version of choice” among Napoleon Hill devotees and other students of success and high achievement.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ross Cornwell, Editor

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