Nikon consumer range VR zoom lens : 55-200mm VR

Many did not know, although Nikon are pioneer in Optical and camera technology, they are many time smaller compare to Canon.

So when come into innovation, Nikon always trying stay ahead of his main competitor. One example is the Coolpix 300(640 x 480 pixels), which allow user to write and store memo for each camera. And not forget about the coolpix 5000 , those 28mm (SLR equivalent) lens blow many competitors away. And the mad 9x series, e.g. Coolpix 995, where in 2001, it is the best price performance consumer zoom camera that, with the telephoto adapter, give a 600mm zoom without the burden of weight and price.

The legend continue to digital SLR camera. The introduction of 18-200mm VR just turn the DSLR world upside down. Although Nikon don’t have a wide selection of professional lens compare to Canon (bare in mind Nikon is much smaller than Canon in overall capital), it is one lens that conquer all 🙂

After come across Ken Rockwell site about Nikon 55-200mm VR, I am delight to find that Nikon create another market niche : US $249 ~ RM872 (1 US Dollar = RM 3.50, street price might varied) , a consumer lens that will make all broke DSLR owner(like me) to own the first VR (Vibration reduction, not virtual reality) lens.

Excuses me when I go hunt some cash for this lens :).