Five things you do not know about me

Posted On 15/03/2007

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Don’t expect to learn any of dark secret here.. kekekekek.

  1. Live and growth up in Petaling Jaya, I never set foot on KL alone until age 17 (gosh)
  2. My spending on computing(systems, books, parts) is enough to buy me a Perodua Kelisa in cash
  3. My old articles post 5 years ago, earn higher pagerank higher this blog
  4. I likes girl with character, but too stingy lazy to start a relation.
  5. I use to have 2 DVDs (9GB!!) collection of porns, triple encrypted, and lost all the password to decrypt it. (ok I lies, not porn, but my email, damn!!!! )
  6. At bonus fact :

  7. Yes, I will get laid to fix girl’s computer

But learn it later after fix the computer.
Get laid

One Response to “Five things you do not know about me”

  1. ylchong

    now I can hold yur hand — to RANsome!You have 20mil? Sext time, negotiate before fixing the PC, and its owner!:) ==Desi

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