Make your bathroom brighter

When you watch holywood movies, did you notice that the bathroom lighting was so bright? The main reason is because lighting is an important part of movie shooting, without proper lighting, it will make the actor look dulls and unattractive. On the other hand, horror movies are always shoot with dim lighting to create the mood.

In real life, people tend to create their bathroom lightning to replicate horror movie lighting. It is always dim, and most people will just fix low light emissions bulbs as the bathroom are not essential part of the house.

Even not taking Chinese Feng Shui into account, you will find that a good Bathroom lights does make a huge different for you home. Adequate bathroom lighting give you a different experience when taking bath, or taking a dump. šŸ™‚ The extra lighting are able to give you a fresh and cleanliness feeling after bath and other bathroom “business”.

Today, anyone can go online to shop and choose variety of home lighting fixtures, such as kitchen lighting, patio lights, home and garden lighting, track lighting.

Besides catalog listing, one can utilized the online store filtering features to spend their lightning fixtures within their budget, or search for their design design.

Why lights up your bathroom like a haunted room? Upgrade your dim bathroom lights and give it a kick up and feel the different yourself. Soon you will agree with me.

* This is a sponsored post *

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