Wireless broandband war begin : 3G vs WiMAX vs EDGE Evolutions

The dust finally settle. Source from the Malaysia blog taiko say MCMC drop Digi again on another spectrum bid.

When the dust settle on 16 March 2007, there is a news that never expected by MCMC and the local WiMAX spectrum winner.

Update on wikipedia about EDGE technology says :

On March 14 2007, Ericsson announced plans[1] for EDGE Evolution, an upgrade to EDGE that permits 1 MBit/s peak speeds and latencies down to 100 ms, using the existing network infrastructure. EDGE Evolution is included in Release 7 of the 3GPP standard, and products are expected to arrive in 2008

Another internet site, brightband, state EDGE Evolution to Triple Data Speeds by 2009. Nothing beat Ericsson own EDGE Evolution white paper.

Because EDGE is using the existing spectrum, MCMC can do little to curb local mobile Telco to provide EDGE Revolution. Although EDGE Evolution require an upgrade over existing EDGE equipment, it is significant cheaper than new investment such as 3G and WiMax. Currently, 3G provider such as Maxis and Celcom, able to utilise their existing broadcast tower for 3G services, this reinvestment does cut down the infrastructure investment.

Come to the WiMAX spectrum “winner” for Bolehland. Some might think some “5th liner” winner can use the usual rent seeking practice to force Digi to make a Alibaba venture with them. Since MCMC did not specify compulsory terms on rolling up WiMAX, some of this spectrum holding might just wait in sleeping state. Until they find way to get suckers investor such as EPF to buy them for some stupid reason.

In other country, WiMAX might stand a change against EDGE Evolution and 3G. But technology advancement will never wait for player sitting in rent seeking chair.

One Response to “Wireless broandband war begin : 3G vs WiMAX vs EDGE Evolutions”

  1. dotstan

    Stupid ass Malaysia. 1) Give 3G to TV operator instead of mobile operator. 2) Now, again deny WiMax to the same innovative, well-run company that has been helping the mobile phone revolution (Even NST today expressed disappointment that DiGi didn’t get it).

    Why? Because DiGi refuse to pay bribes?

    moo_t : stay cool, please don’t make wild allegation 😉 Just keep your finger cross and see whether some of this prediction come through.

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