Efficiency? Work with me? Antigraft? So what happens to the e-Government!?

Posted On 21/03/2007

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Do you know that Bolehland(TM) government are one of the earliest endorse e-Government concept? I have some friends that work in this project for years. The story about the early system study about the government operation always amused me. From my point of view, many ministry, minister and high ranking officers are boycotting the project silently.

In early stage, they did it by adding layers of complexity. But because a competent computer system analyst can easily sort out and pin point the ridiculous step, hence eliminate it. Thus various officer are taking new approach : postpone the system interview. Even better, take various step to delay/block the implementation.

Today you hardly hear about Mr Blah talking about e-Government. Nor of his machai doing it. It is obvious, all this crooks know that the e-Government is nothing but a real reformation. A reformation that will change the way they works, a reformation that will EXPOSE their weakness, stupidity and hidden graft works.

So the recent news about Bolehland e-Government is about platform change over. The Bolehland government is using Java platform as an excuse to further delay (or perhaps scraps) the working e-Government applications.

Well, the Lion land government is running on the exact platform that Bolehland e-Governmetn build on, and this efficient-bot Lionland government show no desire to switch over to other “amusement” system.

From the lack-luster way of e-Government implementation, I won’t put my hope on Mr Blah.


One Response to “Efficiency? Work with me? Antigraft? So what happens to the e-Government!?”

  1. mob1900

    As his nick implies, Mr. Blah aka Bedol to me, he’s just passing time. He’s hoarding taxes and basically every $$$ he could lay his hands on for the next GE. Then my friend you will see the grand things money can do, especially to hungry Barisan Najis branches and component parties. Hence you witness transistion to the mythical e-gov remains… a myth.

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