Photo : Batak cultural identities 八达族人的文化定位

Posted On 27/03/2007

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在湖上被太阳晒到快要变成烧猪肉,但是我还是喜欢达瑙多峇湖 (Danau Toba)。 棉兰的动荡不安和华情绪, 对八达人来说是非常不以为然的事。

当荷兰天主传教士到达苏门答腊岛传播教意的时候, 八达族人并不抗拒这外来文化,而且在基督传教士的劝解下, 同意放弃野蛮的砍头文化。 八达族的先辈就以保存原有的文化精华作为受洗的条件。 他门的高瞻远瞩, 让后人免去了被其他文化同化而迷失自我的问题。 八达族人是少数明白自己文化定位的民族。 与苏门答腊岛与马来半岛的其他民族相较, 八达族人的不亢不卑, 就把马来民族自卑的人渣政客比了下去。 某些东南亚国家的阿拉伯化, 对八达族人来说是不可思议的事。 当政局动乱的时侯, 迷失的文化定位的族群, 通常都把自身的不幸归咎于“非我族群” 的身上。

Few Malaysian know about the Batak cultures, eventhough Lake Toba locate 70 minutes air distance from Kuala Lumpur. tribe and their culture. Compare to other ethnic in Sumatra and Peninsular, Batak are highly civilize. Batak writing, calender, music instrument are unique.

Many Malaysian has the perceptions about culture assimilation, in fact, Batak speaks their mother tongue language, even though the school are teaching Bahasa Indonesia. Majority Batak are Christian, only minority Batak are muslim. Batak ancestors adopt Christianity with condition of retaining positive and harmless tradition (vs tradition to decapitate the enemy or prisoner). Due to the cultural focal standpoint, Batak that endorse Christian has little problem with cultural shock.

On the other hand, Batak that not endorse Christian and abandon Animism, are prone to lost their identities to the Arab influence. When discontent break out, these people will make excuses of their mis fortunate are cause by the “outsider”.

Traditional Batak house
A traditonal Batak’s house. The roof are made from black palm fibre, which claim to last for 40+ years.(103KB). Click the image to open independent photo

batak graveyard

A Batak‘s Catholic graveyard (134KB). Click the image to open independent photo

St Francis Church, Berastagi

A Batak’s Catholic church build in Batak’s style (89KB). Click the image to open independent photo

Batak preserved their cultures so well that many ancient songs are pass around for many generations. Marsada are young Batak band that successfully bring Batak music from Lake Toba to the outside world.

Batak music are different compare to typical Indonesia and Malay Peninsular songs. If you think otherwise, Listen yourself to prove me wrong.

Please go to 恩妮 WorldisRound page for more photos.


2 Responses to “Photo : Batak cultural identities 八达族人的文化定位”

  1. lilian

    I have been to Lake Toba! Single time. Wuah….very nice their songs.

  2. moo

    5xmom : You should go visit Lake Batak again and put a huge 5XMOM sign in Sibayak volcano crater.

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