Photo : 4 Nen-nen

Posted On 30/03/2007

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Batak craft. lizard and the breast

In Batak, breast are called nen-nen. (So simple…)

A symbolic of prosperity. I just copy what the tour guide say, any misleading is not my fault 😉

First 2 nen-nen kis for the two baby in front.
The third nen-nen are mean for the baby at the back (smack!!!!!)

And the 4th nen-nen is for
.. still can’t guess it hah.
For the husband.. (don’t pretend innocent lah!)

The lizard symbolizes prosperity, the fertility of the earth, and the underworld. And the lizard also carried the meaning of sincerity, gracefulness and adoptions. Old folk story say that lizard will drop from the roof when it is happy. Because

When the lizard so happy, it will clap its hand. So it can’t stick to the wall with 2 feet and fells . 😉 (好冷的笑话)

2 Responses to “Photo : 4 Nen-nen”

  1. ~:*:白雪不是公主:*:~

    haha damn funny 😉
    is a pensel rite?

  2. moo

    白雪 : 铅笔!!!?... ( ..超亮亮亮 把刚进口的水全喷了出来 )

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