Photo : Lake Toba

Posted On 30/03/2007

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church, Berastagi
Church in Berastagi.

Sibayak Volcano crater
Sibayak volcano crater.

Lake Toba shores
The orange flower tree along Lake Toba shores.


2600++ photos. Taking 1 second to scan through each photo, it will take 46 minutes. Damn, where is the photo of the lizard looking at 4 nen-nen (I am not bluffing, in Batak, breast are call nen-nen).

疯了疯了, 2600 张照片. 要命! 单是touchup 就够累了. 这还没算在跟我捉迷藏的照片.


2 Responses to “Photo : Lake Toba”

  1. Strawberry

    见识少的草莓我, 好奇的逃进超亮亮亮亮亮亮))))))))))))的BLOG看一看! 感觉这里好奇怪噢! 嘻嘻

  2. Strawberry

    Testing Testing…how come ? am i added my comments…!!

    moo_t : 我快被肥猪肉(spam)腻死了, 所有的新留言都要经过本人Approve ,以后才会即刻出现. 草梅被Approve 了. 🙂

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