April, star of the month : LHDN 四月重头戏 : 税务局

This is a community services for working class only. If you earn less than 1200 per month, you don’t need to worry. The countdown is a good news to you. Just fill up the form and wait for the rebates.

Otherwise, be prepared. April is the personal income tax month. The people in the Income Tax Department(Inland Revenue Department- LHDN, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri ) has make handy countdown for everyone here.

This year, I am going to submit the income tax through E-Filing .

So if you haven’t get your personal income tax BE forms, go to the nearest LHDN and get your BE form and your PIN number(if you intend to submit the form using E-filing).

Get the following ready

  • EA Forms from your company accounts department
  • Life insurance receipt for year 2006
  • Various tax deductible receipts, e.g. books, computer, medicals spending,etc.

If you haven’t use the E-filing before, good luck. Me neither. If you can wait, I will write a review for the E-filing (probably next month, hahahaha!)


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