How to make memorable traveling photo (这个G-shock 广告很搞笑)

Posted On 04/04/2007

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The typical tour photo can be pretty boring. Most tourist always try to try to shoot “postcard” shots. However, such photo has little memorable value.

Why use the typical “V” posture. You can introduce more “fun” factor for your boring shots.

Valcano Sibayak
Background – Volcano Sibayak.

Learn to shoot from different angel and close up, or even add some fun factor to your posture/model. For example, put in some “advertisement factor” posture in your composition.

As usual, due to my model release policies, I won’t tell you who is him. Those who know him, just pay a visit to his site
和摄影人gang 出游, 是很过瘾的事. 当大家都拍的很闷的时候, 必定会有人来个”破旧立新” , 高潮迭起. 别人会以为这是胡闹. 但往往这些照片会比千篇一律, 还引人注目和令人深思. (是囖, 我就是说那些拍了许多年照片, 还是单一景观的家伙)

5 Responses to “How to make memorable traveling photo (这个G-shock 广告很搞笑)”

  1. ET

    i know, i know.anyone wants to know him, buy me dinner ! hohohohoho

  2. 琪艺


  3. 神秘人

    其实….还可以更暴笑的! 期待下次的搞笑行动. 老大, 真有你的!

  4. MQ


  5. Your Xxx-Room Mate

    Super ,你尽然在‘横行霸道‘,部落客世界可要天下大乱咯!!呵呵!

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