Dot MY blogger resigtration are redundant and stupid! 又多了一个白痴在脱裤子放屁!

According to the latest news, some smart-alecks minister mentioned about passing rules to force blogger

BLOGGERS using locally hosted websites may be asked to register with the authorities, Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said.


In Mandarin, one who doing stupid redundant work are say , “put down your pant to fart”.

I saw many blogger go lambast the minster without thinking the flaw about his idea.

It is redundant to register locally host or “.my” registration blogger because

  • You need to give your details when hosting a website in Malaysia
  • In Malaysia, individual are not allowed to register a .MY account. Only company are allowed to register .MY account

In Malaysia, you don’t need to get Jeffooi to register. Since NST has already drag him to court.

On the other hand, NST own “MONSTERBLOG.COM.MY” are the only rare few that hosting local guest blogger.

According to source from big bird, belongs to Paul Tan . After recall Malaysia domain registrat are manage by MYNIC, I have done a dig on, it is registered by

WebWork-Solutions Sdn Bhd
23-3, Jalan 26/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
(Tel) 03-4302450
(Fax) 03-4302451

I have no idea that any of the semi-broke Malaysia IT venture are providing blogger website similar to,

Alas, we all know that the biggest animal show in the country wouldn’t care about logic. As long as there is enough oxymoron elect them in next election.

不知道是不是马来西亚这个国家, 太”好吃好住”了, 脑满肠肥白痴政棍, 比任何国家还要多. 每个月都会有几个”天才政棍” , 搞点小动作来表演他们的权威, 玩玩 “官大学问大” 的笑话.

立法强迫在本地 hosting 和用 .MY 的 Blogger 去注册, 根本是脱裤子放屁! 事实上, 马来西亚的 blogger, 通长都是用外国的 server. 没有多少个人像 JeffOoi (黄泉安) 这么”叠水” 去租用本地的 hosting services. 而如果你租用本地的 hosting services, 稍微运用一下大脑的人, 都知道你需要提供个人资料给于 ISP. 要不然钱谁付?

当然, 本国最大的马戏团 , 才不会和我们升斗小民谈什么逻辑.


4 Responses to “Dot MY blogger resigtration are redundant and stupid! 又多了一个白痴在脱裤子放屁!”

  1. KY

    The plan will definitely not go ahead

    moo_t: Actually, I wish it go ahead. So there will be more jokes from the biggest animal show in the country.

  2. suanie

    actually, paul tan owns 😉

    moo_t : I can’t dig apnic for .my domain. So should I announce it? :p Some lies will sell 😉

  3. melvin,foong

    Very nice way of putting it!

    And Paul Tan owns, not NST

    moo_t : Ok, will change it.. So it will read…according to confirmed source (hmmmmm) :p

  4. suanie

    yeah that’s not a lie ok lol. there’s a reason why paul went through another .. erm… address? client? company? i dono . he told me the reason before but i forgot *shrugs*

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