Why health insurance is a necessity?

Although this is a sponsored post , you should not take this post lightly as a health insurance advertisement.

When one grow older, you will notice people surrounding are talking about health issue. The most scary part are friends/relative that looks healthy are admitted to the hospital due to unexpected sickness. From theres on , you will learn that today hospitality admission doesn’t come cheap.

Those who are unfortunately diagnose with illness that require prolong treatment, will be slap with a huge medical bills, which represent an small fortune for many.

I have encounter some people with “close call” on the medical bills : a friend who works in a multinational company are diagnosed with rare illness. luckily, the corporate employee medical coverage has absorb all the expenses. Because the hospitality cost is enough to buy him a 3 room condominium in the city center.

While the other friend of mine are not so lucky. Because the company he worked on only cover a conservative medical insurance plan, he need to pay 30% of the remaining hospitalisation cost; luckily it is only cost him around to 2 years of his salaries; while his company relieve his burden with a low interest rates loan.

Here is my advise for you before getting health insurance quotes from a insurance broker such as Colorado Health Insurance

  • Check your employer health insurance policies and coverage. If you think it is not enough, consider “top up” the amount by getting your own health insurance
  • Consider getting health insurance for you close one.
  • Consider the “rainy day” plan when getting health insurance. If you are temporary out of job, these plan will make sure you are covered.
  • Do not hesitate to get a health insurance even on younger age.
  • If you have a tight financial status, getting low cost health insurance plan is better than nothing.

When you start shop for health insurance, why not stop by at Colorado Health Insurance. The site has lots of useful article regarding health insurance. In addition, you can get a quick quotes that suite your personal need by using the online quotes features.


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