Photo : Putra Jaya vs PutraJaya

Posted On 06/04/2007

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Pangururan shop
Pangaruran, Lake Toba
(Crop + increase saturation, 65KB)

PutraJaya - Malaysia
Palace of Justice, PutraJaya
(straighten + increase saturation, 52KB)

If I must choose, I will rather stay in Pangururan, at least you can take a rest under the cool wind; find a hot spring and soak yourself in there.

Angler at jetty, Pangururan
Angler at the Jetty of Pangururan.
(Crop, straighten, 100KB)

When I am hungry, I will get a fishing hook and become an angler in Pangururan. At least more people will be happier compare to this angler in PutraJaya .

王子成功店 vs 王子成功殿。

要我選擇的話, 我寧愿留在同樣是“山卡啦” 的 多巴湖。 至少累了,你還可以停下來, 在涼風兮兮下, 找個溫泉泡泡。 餓了, 去釣條魚來填肚子. 就如左眼 說的 : 無害就好


One Response to “Photo : Putra Jaya vs PutraJaya”

  1. ylchong

    i am NOT a guru — can join you at Penguruan ah?
    I like ikan, but sked of Croc from PWTC! You protect Desi, K!
    When I catch ikan yu, I cut thee in for 30%!:)

    PS: JOin BIG. B’d partee on May 19, 2007 Blockmate – bring your own Fish!:)

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