Those 80’s detergents ads and MSM 记廣告人游川和本地媒体对历史的态度

Posted On 13/04/2007

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如果你看过80 年代的洗衣粉广告的话, 大概会记得那时候 “我的洗衣粉泡沫比你多” 的广告。 事实上 , 泡沫和清洁效果根本拉不上关系, 但是广告中用B 牌子 ”清洁过的衣服堆“ 硬是比 X 牌子的高, 到了今天, 许多人还不知道这么有代表性的 80 年代广告是谁策划的。

如果你有看 《廣告:說真話的謊言》 的话, 你应该知道始作俑者是谁吧。 游川, 原名林游川。 他是许多深入民间的广告策划人。 当然, 他不认识我。
我只觉的本地的的媒体文化也太过没格调了吧。 除了华文报外, 居然没有一份其他语言的报纸报导游川逝世的消息 。 就好像马来西亚根本没有 80 年代这回事。 当媒体连历史都不注重了, 还有条件存在下去吗?

In the 80’s, if you watch the TV, you will notice the popular detergent advertisement, where B brand vs X brand. If you recall, you will notice the advertisement are using volume of bubble to guide the viewer, B brand is better than X brand. Though volume of bubble produce by a detergent mean nothing for its true cleaning capability, but putting a higher pile of clean cloth next to B brand does play the effect.

Unfortunately, till today, not many people know who is the director for such dramatic, product function guidance(and with montage effect) advertisement. In fact, it is the idea of Mr Ling You Chuan, a famous advertisement icon for many Malaysia advertisement, and it does not limit to Chinese media.

Ironically, even though most of the advertisement does have multiple language (Mandarin, English, Malay and Hindu) version, Besides Malaysia Chinese media, none of the other Malaysia main stream media care to report the passaway news of this icon; an important Malaysia icon that shape part of our history.

What does it mean when main stream medias(MSM) don’t respect the pass?


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