Unforgettable 忘不了

King Sitarbutar coffin King Sidabutar coffin with Aning Malela at the back of the coffin.

Aning Malela prettiness are known by people living around Lake Toba. She has a lover that growth up with her. However, when King Sidabutar known about her beauty, he engage her family to make her his fiancée; although all is done against her will. Before King Sidabutar force through the marriage, a tribe war broke out and King Sidabutar must attend it. It is a long battle.
At last, King Sidabutar won the tribe war. However, Aning Malela is with her lover instead of welcoming his victory.

As most powerful jealous man will do, King Sidabutar capture and decapitate Aning Malela lover. Mourning for her lover death, Aning Malela run away from the King Sidabutar force and hide inside the jungle. The search of Aning Malela are deem failure. Although King Sidabutar does married other woman at last. Before King Sidabutar die, he ask people to make a stone coffin with Aning Malela sculpture at the back.

Today, Batak tour guide will tell you that this is a mark for “unfaithfully love”. But it seems the crafter in King Sidabutar era think otherwise. The crafters gave King Sidabutar sculpture with a bitter smile, and a reluctant Aning Malela at the back. Perhaps it is a symbol to show that King Sidabutar never gave up the though of married Aning Malela, even at another world.


安宁玛的美丽和贤惠, 在多巴湖盛名远播。 。当时的多巴湖一带,还许多零星的部落, 时不时发生地盘争夺战。 我们的主角,释达布达土王,虽然明明知道安宁玛已经有了青梅竹马的爱人, 就用了订婚这杀手锏, 来个横刀夺爱。

倒霉的是, 释达布达土王还没来的迎娶安宁玛过门, 一场连绵多年的部落战就暴发了。 当释达布达土王横扫群雄, 胜利归来的时候, 才发现未婚妻另投怀抱这个事实。 像许多妒嫉的男人一样, 释达布达第一时间就把他的情敌开膛破肚,干掉了(看来安宁玛的姿色真的不简单, 通常妒嫉的男人会把”奸夫淫妇“ 一起干掉 )。接下来当然是逼婚 (居然很有风度,没有霸王硬上弓 )。 安宁玛趁着空档, 逃入了森林来逃婚, 从此之后, 再没有人见到安宁玛了。

释达布达土王年老的时候, 叫工匠做了一副石棺, 把安宁玛雕在石棺之后。 虽然往后的导游们都诠释这是对“不忠”的女人的警示, 可是安宁玛的雕像却是头顶着碗, 手奉着另一只碗, 代表安宁玛是他的妻子。

他, 还是忘不了她。


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