Know your rights when buying a car

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Automobile has become necessity for urban people. But nothing beat the frustration for new car owner that facing recurrence problem with their motor vehicles. Sometimes, due to “sheer luck”, a car buyer might getting a “lemon” car. A nickname for a car that fail to meet the quality and performance standard.

When getting a “lemon”, most car owner will surrender their right and spend hefty sum of money fixing the motor vehicle. Unlike country that make you go through lengthy and costly claims procedure, in United States, lemon law is in place to protect motor vehicles owner rights. Even better, some clause of the lemon lawlet car owner exercise their rights even the warranties states in the purchase contract expired.

Various states has its own lemon law extend to protect the buyer. Some people may though it is “unfriendly” to second hand automobiles market. But the law does has it advantages to help to promote honest second hand automobiles industry by punishing those profit from selling shoddy products. In economy, it is some sort of preventing “bad money” chasing away “good money”.

Ohio state used car lemon law are strongest among all the states. If you happens to own a car in Ohio state, why not spend some time to learn your rights from some used car lemon law expert. There is plenty of useful articles and information to help relief your frustration and get things fix.

If your friends or family members newly purchase vehicle facing recurrence problem, do inform them about the lemon law, as some people might not even notice the law exist to protect their rights. It is also important to notify your friends about lemon law if they wish to buy a car, this will help them avoid signing unfavorableness contract that might lapse their rights.


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