When blind leading the unsighted

Fascism within the gate, In the name of political correct.

If the country founders know about this, they will turn from their grave. Do you think the people are interested to gain independent if they know this will happens after 50 years of “independent” ?

Some “official” think they are doing “the right things”. But isn’t everyone contribute their effort to sink a country think they are doing the “right things”?

Did this people setting up the “outpost” know what they are doing? And what the heck happen to their supervisor? Are they in any position to give such immoral act that even against their own belief. Is there any protest within themselves? Is this mean nobody within questioning the decision of setting up such “outpost” is WRONG? Yes, they might try to hide the “outpost” to more remote place, even better, hide like a terrorist.

What I worry is, if all this going through without a single protest within, this mean they has lose all the sight and courage to seek the truth. Nothing is worst than one who missing their focal on seeking the truth.

When people who set up the outpost think they are doing the “right things”, devils has already setting up foot in their mind. Yes, they think they are embracing the “right” belief, but by doing this, they are distance away from the truth.

Did they ever read the 4 obligatory books throughly?


Off-topic. In some parallel universe, there is a video circulate around. Watch at your own risk.


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