Product review articles portal, let’s give it a try

*This is a sponsored post *

Today, if you want to get particular product information, the best way is go to those niche review portals that published hands on review test articles. However, unless you learn these review portal from somewhere else, e.g. friends, magazine, other reference, it is not easy to get into the correct review portal. For example, a consumer want to purchase a digital camera may not know site like,

Thanks to Google, reputable review sites with good contents will stay on top of the search page, thus save consumer plenties of time looking product review portals.

But what if consumer that want to seek different point of view on the same product, or similar product? For example, a specific model of a branded camcorders ? To do this, consumer must go to different review portals, collect and compile articles on the particular product themselves. Even user with good knowledge of Google search keyword will find this job tedious.

Instead of spending your time collecting and compile your own information, testfreaks has saw the opportunity of providing another niche contents to the user. Instead of reviewing product, testfreaks collect review articles. What the user need to do is go to testfreaks site, click the product categories link, and find the product they want to know/own.

However, testfreaks are still in alpha stage, so there is plenties of functionality missing. For example, you can’t do a keyword search on particular product. If you want to look for Ipod Nano articles, you must dig into Mp3 players link, and look for Ipod Nano. Besides the product keyword search functionality, product price are currently not features in testfreaks portal. In addition, some consumer may want to to search those products that falls within their budget. If consumer want to do the budget search or price comparison, they need to compile the price list themselves.

Nevertheless, testfreaks has a good concept. If you want of to get useful review or advise articles to make a purchase, it is worth to give testfreaks a trial.


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