Show us the north pole parachute photo! 生要见人,死要见尸,跳伞要有照片!

Posted On 24/04/2007

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No, I am not refer to this photoshop picture.
don't come back
credit goes to Mob’s Crib

But the real jumping. By spending at least few hundreds thousand to North pole, don’t tell me what you get are a few craps group photo. Where is the M8 copper you people mentioned about. And where is the parachute? Don’t tell me the camera “run out of order”.

More reading here.
Putera UMNO’s North Pole ‘Successful’ Jump: How Real Is It?

因为北极气候转变的关系, 其他国籍的跳伞员为了安全理由, 取消了 4月23日 的跳伞的活动。 可是我国的媒体大式的报道。 但是部落客 就提出了一个疑问 :跳伞照呢? 
翻遍了整个 Bernama, 不要说跳伞, 连他们说的直升机的屁都看不见。 他们这么好现, 不可能不拍跳伞。

所以说 【生要见人,死要见尸,跳伞要有照片!】


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