Learn Italian food ingredient from menu (看菜单学菜[材]料)

Notes : This is not a food review, nor is a sponsored post

Set Menu

Some new stuff for me to learn

a triple-creme cheese made from crème fraîche by denaturing with rennet.

Italian whey cheese.

Dory fish
No, this is not the Blue tang fish name Dory in “Finding Nemo”.

A Sicilian recipe made with fried egg-plant, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

Porcini Mushroom
A highly regarded edible mushroom

Pine Nut
Pine Nut !!!

This menu are NOT HALAL
In my opinion, one can’t serve good Italian food since most of the recipe ingredient are not halal. So many Italian cuisine must cook with wine, ham, animal, etc non halal stuff. So I don’t bother about halal Italian restaurant.

RM10++(wines/drinks not included) to RM18++ per pac. Wah… really value for money, dai-do-lan.

Map here
Coconut House KL Map

Honestly, I haven’t taste any of the above food. But I have try their normal menu, most food are good (and some are so so).


  1. If you loves/hates the food, just give the owner a note inside his blog. It is up to you to send him a hate note or love note. Yes, he know English. If you can’t read mandarin, just move your mouse over those link to find the comment section. BTW, I didn’t get commission for this post.
  2. When there is busy crowd, avoid Ala-carte. Otherwise, ask the waitress the serving time. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you about this
  3. CoconutHouse restaurant is Malaysia only Italian restaurant use stone stove to cook pizza. That’s the good news. The bad news is, the stove space are limited. So only few pieces of pizza can be cook at anytime. It is advisable to order other appetizer together with the pizza. This will make sure you will not starve to dead during busy hour.

有一段时间没去椰子屋了。 这份菜单真的很吸引人。

TMD, 那天去吃 潮洲粥, 一个人头都要 RM11 。


孤寒帮帮主说 :以资料换取金钱, 以最少的钱去吃好料。


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