Pkware SecureZip freebies

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Most computer user when come to a stage, they will get a copy of PKZIP utilities install inside their system. Today, compression program is know to be essential tools for every computer user. I don’t need to explain to my IT-illiterates friend what a compression program can do, they just use it.

Usually, we use PKZIP to reduce the archive files/folder size in order to fit into offline CDROM/DVDROM. For non-essential documents, the shrinking of file size is good enough for most of us. When come to private and confidential documents we need to secure, we will put a password to protect it, to prevent other people open it by accidents.

However, it is not the case for when archiving E-Mail client software such as Microsoft Outlook. Many user didn’t realize the so called “password protected” email client is merely an entrance to their mailbox. In fact, anyone who get access to the physical outlook file, can peek the contents of the mailbox without going through the password. So it is important for user to protect their mailbox with a layer of PKZIP password.

For more advanced user, they can use the encryption come with the mail client software. However, the build in encryption software are limited in functionality and slow down the mail client response time. PKWare, the make of the PKZIP, has come out with SecureZIP, to improve user email data security experience.
SecureZIP are tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook. It create a security layer that take away all the complexity of securing the Email experience. So PKware claim the utilities SecureZIP – The next generation of ZIP.

With SecureZIP, user are given the option to send secure email to destination, so nobody in between can peek into the message, because the mail are encrypted. If you are familiar with S/MIME technology, this is nothing new. However, for many users, setting up secure email environment using S/MIME is not an easy task.
Firstly, user must know how to generate and install a certificate for your mailbox S/MIME functionality. Second, user must distribute the public certificate to the recipient so they can read the encrypted email coming from you. Third, you must install security certificate from other people in order to read the encrypted email they send to you.

If you don’t understand what the above paragraph is saving, and still want make sure important incoming/outgoing mail are secure from third party, getting SecureZIP is a good idea without going through the hassle of setting up S/MIME.

For limited time only, PKware is giving away free copies of SecureZip to personal user. It is as simple as clicking the blue button below and enter you email address. For more product details, please go to


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