Malaysia free press ranking and “Kampung heroes” mentality

Posted On 03/05/2007

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This morning when listen to channel 988 FM in the radio, I just learned that Malaysia free press ranking for Year 2006, just dip to 150th, out of 195 countries surveyed. The survey for year 2005, Malaysia are ranked 141. But things become more interesting : according to the 98.8 FM DJ, there is less country surveyed for data of year 2005. However, when I check cross checking the data, there is no information support such claims. Indeed, the total country surveyed for year 2005 and year 2006 are 195 countries.

Put a side the discrepancy, what intrigue me is the following talks. One of the DJ has raised an question, if Malaysia gain the position of 141 when less countries is surveyed in year 2005, then why Malaysia ranking dipping to 151 when the number of countries. So there must be some flaws in the statistics.

Luckily I am driving, otherwise I will rolling on the floor laughing out loud. Because I just think of “Kampung (rural) heroes” mentality that we so get used to.

Let me explain what is “Kampung Heroes”. In rural areas, some player are found good on handling the football. On every football match, this group of people are able to beats other player in the rural district with little sweat, they can easily scores 6-0 scores. When the go to the national level, they did face some resistant but manage to get into the national teams, it is tougher, so they score 3-2. However, in the international competitions, the team can hardly make a scores, instead, they get 1-5. And that’s because the competing teams try to avoid injuries than giving a serious match.

To Malaysian, we are so used to such match. I am quite wary when the DJ question the dipping on ranking. If there is more countries including in the statistics, why the newly surveyed countries must be “worst” than Malaysia in free press ranking? In addition, don’t you know ranking are relative? If you stay status-quo, if somebody leap in front of you, you will automatically drop in ranks.

Our free press rank dips to 150th

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