Messages to writers of Uncyclopedia Malaysia

Posted On 04/05/2007

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I salute all of you. Those writing are straight to the bull’s eye. It does point out lots of Malaysia cultures.


Saya tabik

Dutch : Begroeting aan u

French : Salut à vous

Germany : Gruß zu Ihnen

Italian : Saluto a voi

Japan : あなたへの挨拶

Spanish : Saludo a usted

For curious bird reader, you can take a peek at

p/s: Also complimentary to BabelFish help me to translate “I salute you” to other language. (So blame babelfish if the translation go haywire)


3 Responses to “Messages to writers of Uncyclopedia Malaysia”

  1. howsy

    HI matey, sorry for being off-topic here, but are you joining us at the Bloggers United Malaysia 2007 gathering on 19th May? Come lar…

  2. mob1900

    He should lar, Im gonne force him to pay up for at least 5 flers eventhough he’s coming alone. lolx

  3. 小莊

    哈哈哈! 够幽默的, 真的是服了这些人(应该不是一个人的杰作)!

    moo_t : 服 . 🙂

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