Tariff hikes : This photo will make Astro subscriber vomit blood (让Astro用户吐血的照片)

Posted On 07/05/2007

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Let the picture speak for itself. This is common around Indonesia. Satelite dish. Even squatter own one.

Satelite dish
cropped – 133KB

More satelite dishes
cropped 121KB

Some people do suggest unsubscribe Astro to protest the hike. I think this is not the point. The problem is MONOPOLY. With limited choices, at the end, consumer who need TV entertainment or information, has limited choices. Unless they spend money to buy a PC and subscribe TMNUT, or soon to be private Maxis.


4 Responses to “Tariff hikes : This photo will make Astro subscriber vomit blood (让Astro用户吐血的照片)”

  1. Maverick

    The Indonesians are having better choices than us.

    Astro has become suckers… that’s a sad tale about Malaysia as the government do not believe in anti-trust laws.

    moo_t : We know the country pro Armno business : monopoly rent-seeker.

  2. hcfoo

    Subscribe lesser channels lar then u don’t need to pay so much. U have a choice.

  3. Wan Dollah

    I’d wouldnt say Astro monopolize the Malaysian market, anyone can just come up with a new cable TV with no storm interuptions. But whos willing to invest in a big time game like that. On top of that MEASAT satelites dont come cheap.
    Dont look so far, the same satelites are on top of most East Malaysian houses.200-400 channels and only less than RM100 per year.

    moo_t : Monopolies by policies. Bolehland will never grow up if people never think of anti-trust.

  4. 0891

    check ths out

    moo_t : ”有够力“。

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