Awake, JB 9-10 June 2007 (醒著)

Chinese calligraphy are well known for its combination and compositions complexity. It can derive from a chain of reaction, subject and object.

The word Wake Chinese glphy - wake (醒, spell as seen-ng), are combination of the word “yuo”(酉) (also derived as liquor) on the left and star (星). Thou the word “yuo”(酉) can standalone, to avoid confusion, the calligraphy combine it with water drop, to make it dedicated to liquor (酒) , liquor.jpg.

In fact, the Chinese word wake, are originate from “regain consciousness from liquor intoxication”. drunk.jpg. Because this Chinese “wake” word carried the meaning of waking up, awareness and consciousness, it is the the most discussed term in Chinese philosophy. Drunk/ignorance/lost vs awake/awareness/self consciousness are the Daoism , Zen and Confuciansim does has a chapter on both .

Zhuang Zi, in his Butterfly dream are the most discussed idea about logic of consciousness and awareness.

The universal values of these Eastern Philosophy has a great similarities with Western philosophy Metaphysics.

To bring out the message of self-awareness to pay gratitude our everyday life, a group of art enthusiasts combine their effort and produce the an art show “Awake” (醒著) in Johor Bahru. The group are compose of Ban-Diao-Zi dancing workgroup, Johor photography association, Chinese Calligrapher Mr Lim Ching Zhong and Chen Zheng Zhong and dance director, Chai and Lim,

If you are interested how this local performance illustrate the philosophy through dance, here are the details

Johor Bahru, JOTIC 5th Floor Auditorium (above Friday restaurants, behind JB magistrate building )

Date & time :
Saturday, 9 June 2007 8pm
Sunday , 10 June 2007 8pm

ticket : RM20
Ticket Hot line :
012-7020585 (queens garden :Jen )
012-7020438 (Johor Jaya : Lee )
016-7111613 (JB : Jit )
012-7212318 (Kulai : Chow)


本地艺术 。 本土创作

“醒着” 是对生命的一种珍惜感, 是要对周遭的人、物持有知足与拥惜。醒着、醒着,省着、省着, 这也是主题所要探讨的观念。



9/06/07,星期六,8 pm ;
10/06/07,星期天, 2 pm (VIP), 8 pm

地点 : 新山 JOTIC 5th Floor Auditorium (Fridays 西餐厅楼上,新山法院后面)

联合呈现: 伴调子舞蹈工作群、柔佛摄影学会、书法家林清忠及陈振宗、舞蹈工作者蔡运贤及林碧莉

票价 :RM20

索票热线电话 :
012-7020585 (皇后花园区: 郑桂秋)
012-7020438 (柔佛再也区:李明倩)
016-7111613 (新山区:纪维雄)
012-7212318 (古来区:周秀通)

大众书局 (城中坊购物商场)
Harris 书局 (佳士阁地不佬购物商城)
古来 IOI Mall, #G67, Ricco 皮革店


p/s: No, I am not affiliate with the organizer. Just go through some blog and I think it is a good topic for cultural discussion.


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