True definition of Bolehland Parliament

Posted On 11/05/2007

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Uncyclopedia definition of Parliament

Believe it or not, I though it is dejavu.

“Parliament should have been hung years ago”
~ Common Sense on Claire Short on Parliament

“Hung Parliament? Well, we were short on rope in the 1650s so I just kicked them all out and replaced them with a bunch of chinless Puritans instead”
~ Oliver Cromwell on Parliament

Parliament Structure

Alpha Male/Position

Parliaments can have a range of structures. The most common is a number of different herds (or parties) competing for the Alpha position of the parliament. Each herd (or party) has an Alpha Male, who is known to the public as the party leader. If this Males herd wins for the Alpha parliament position he will gain the title of Prime Minister.

These Monkeys normally contribute to Parliament sessions the most by making grunting or hooting noises in and attempt to taunt the other herds and impress their own.

“Batu Gajah MP tiap tiap bulan bocor” (Batu Gajah MP leaks every month).
From mouth of Jasin MP, second with Kinabatangan MP (Mokhtar).
And the Speaker Ramli Ngah Talib don’t bother. Neither those BN woman representative bother.

You know, those monkey bohsia must not bother, since all of them are part of the Alpha male slavery ring. I think this scene from 2001 : A Space Odyssey show the true nature of the country Parliament.
Apemen click to enlarge in new window, (Screenshot from the film ”2001: A Space Odyssey” taken by Dark Kubrick.)

Mob’s crib create better illustration 🙂


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