My love on PPP

* This is a sponsor post *

I hate stupid commercial.

Yes, I am serious about the word “stupid”, it is exceptionally true for TV-commercial. Sometime, advertiser just can’t differentiate humor and stupidity; scale and comparison; styles vs poor taste.

Take the comparison as example, I have come mobile phone ads that try to show portability of the phone, and the mobile phone are place next to a human figures. And you bet it, that mobile phone model failed miserably compare to others brand less portable than it.

How does this come to Pay Per post? It is not just about make money blogging, but a choice for us to write our own commercial. Like advertiser, writing PPP post are not simple matters, sometime we need to do research on stuff that we though we know a lot but instead we know little.

Besides earning good pocket money, writing Pay per post gave me the opportunities to learn existing or new products or services from many angels. And let me write “not so stupid” commercial.

My Guru on PPP writing are 5xmom. Although I don’t earn as much as her(it is 4 figures number), but I did learn something from her making money post to improve my blog writing.


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