Photo : Silhouette

Posted On 18/05/2007

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Silhouette taken during photo slide show presentation
( Straighten, increase highlight+ shadow+sharpening, EXIF – ISO1600, 1/25s )

Not many people are able to pronounce the word “Silhouette” correctly. Neither I. I just learn the correct spelling when my colleague correct me.

The correct pronunciation are

“si-l&-‘wet (sounds like sil-low-wet)

Click here and click the audio button to listen to the pronunciation.

Some highlighting part are due to ISO1600 noise and JPEG file artifacts.

没想过拍幻灯投影机前的剪影是这末手忙脚乱的。 投影的蓝色背景看起来很亮, 可是事实上还是不够光的。 后来还发现 JPEG 的超浓缩过程还会制造出一些令人啼笑皆非的效果。 顺便要提一提英(法)文剪影 Silhouette 的发音。 这可是我的同事告诉我的。

如果你是”会“ 里头的人, 应该看出那么好身材的人是谁吧 🙂


One Response to “Photo : Silhouette”

  1. ET恩妮


    超亮 : 不可说, 不可说。

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