So you want beauty contest for School?

It make my blood boil when I come across this blog post by Kian Ming inside educationMalaysia, topic : Why Jiao Zong rejects ranking of Smart Schools.

Yes, he delete my first comment which is a rant in the first place. Nevertheless, I accuse him supporting the ranking idea, in my opinion, a school ranking system is nothing but merely ideas for commercial and corruptions.

Well, I am making more “sensible” comment as following, let see whether he will wipe it off.

Dear Kian Ming, it is up to you to delete this comment if you don’t want other people to read it because it make you looks bad.

IMHO. the “weak reason” by DJZ does serve it purpose because they don’t want to make people in MoE look stupid and disgusting!

1. A ranking system for a primary/secondary school is like a beauty contest. It is commercial in nature! What else, to promote and market the school. So what people do during a beauty contest will happens exactly to the school.

Since nobody know what is the judging criteria, you can bet that school involve in the “beauty contest” will try their best effort to bribe the judge.

So nice, now you just bring another corruptions system to the school.

2. Guess what happens to school with different ranking? Just imagine those school children meet up, they will check the school ranking. So at the end, it become a caste system. So when we try to teach the young about “equality” of human value, you introduce a new system to make them fight.

How nice!!

3. Did MoE draw any plan to improve school given a low ranking? If no, than what is the reason of ranking? If yes, then where is the plan?

4. Hello, in the real world, there is method called ASSESSMENT. If the objective are mean to help the school with poor results, why you must create trouble and make beauty contest like ranking system? Making assessment is simple, you don’t need to find the “winner” or loser”, you just need to find weakness inside the system.

I did spot Kian Ming attacking on Dong Jiao Zhung(DJZ) on some context such as
– Conservative
– Refuse to reform
– Refuse to think out of box

And the new attack from Kian Ming to support the ranking system are
– DJZ don’t own any smart school so they shouldn’t comment the ranking idea.

Gosh, I never realize an attack on DJZ can go so low. Hello, if people like Kian Ming can give support (although it is not “thinking out of box” at the first place) to the ranking system, why can’t a educational body like DJZ comment on the system?

Yes, I don’t like the way of DJZ of doing works. Sometime I just think the body are too “soft” when countering suppression from gullible nationalist. But I must agree with them on many decision on supporting mother tongue educations.

By the way, stop the stupid attacking on DJZ on NOT supporting teaching mathematic and science in English. It is STUPID IDEA to improve English learning. The only way to improve English learning are by increasing the period, instead of teaching irrelevant subject in English!! Duh!


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