“I don’t want to sleep alone” : Like it or hate it. 《黑眼圈》的理所当然

It is an obvious artistic movie with obvious scene.

You wouldn’t like like it if you :

  • Don’t like to read “heavy” literary books.
  • Never serious about photography
  • Don’t have time to read message from photos
  • Only watch movie for entertainment
  • Think art are bunch of “abstract” idea to con people
  • are too young to “read” movie
  • are too old to “read” movie
  • Married with a happy family

Tsai Ming Liang I don’t want to sleep alone maybe too “hardcore artistic” for you.

If you

  • want to feels different in life
  • are single
  • just break up
  • Don’t mind to read a long novel
  • Don’t mind to your time to cook your food and enjoy it
  • take lots of time thinking the photo composition
  • enjoy observation
  • enjoy quietness
  • enjoy lonesome
  • Enjoy reviewing a movie in your mind
  • old enough to accept others thinking with open mind
  • study contemporary art

Then you “might” enjoy the movie.

This is a movie with minimal dialogue. The background sound, music, radio, TV, street noise do most of the “speaking”.

There is no panning, movement on the camera. But the camera placement are tricky. It is up to the audience to observe movement from the still scene.

Some scene make me think of

  • The fox in the Little prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’)
  • The butterfly dream in Zhuang Zi
  • Bollywood movies drama
  • The recurrence problem surrounding us
  • and others ..

看《黑眼圈》没有中间路线。 剧终在我隔壁的一个男人嘀咕的说, “什么鬼戏, 连一局对话都没有”。 当然嘀咕归嘀咕, 他却没有睡着。 在我的另一旁,是很有趣的两个小兄第。 哥哥就不停的把爆粟米花放进嘴里,当弟弟不时的说很闷的时候, 就拿爆粟米花和悄悄话话来安抚他; 戏里戏外, 居然会让我觉有融合的感觉, 那两兄第就好像戏里头的背景音乐成为饿了点缀。 散场的时候, 我就八卦的喵了一下带他们来的人,哦, 是一个端雅的妈妈(大概是喜欢文学那一类的吧)。 不过两个小家伙看起来也像习惯了艺术电影。



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