There is nothing to happy about the RM8 billions disbursement!

Posted On 22/05/2007

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According to CIA world fact book about Malaysia , the country 2006 GDP is around US$131.8 billions, or RM478.15 billions (assume 1 US$ = RM3.65).

And the country annual spending on military is around 2.03% of the GDP, that’ mean US$2.67 billions or RM 9.7 Billions.

Now there is a good question :

Is the RM 9.7 Billions include the Military wages?

Malaysia mainstream media are getting dumb and dumber, there is little sensible analysis but plain statement of “good news” are publish.

All the following question are never ask by mainstream media, the so called “4th estate”

  • Administrative cost for the disbursement of the “increment”
  • The MISSING IN ACTION increment system in government body
  • The procedure of the disbursement
  • The rules of “getting” the raise
  • The exact figures allocated to various government sector
  • Why the military are included. Why the RM9.7 Billions does not include the military wages?
  • What is the exact figures allocated to pensioners?
  • etc.

One Response to “There is nothing to happy about the RM8 billions disbursement!”

  1. mob1900

    The military people with C4 hates you, man. lolx

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