Photo : 眩 Glare

Posted On 23/05/2007

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(Software: Picasa. Post processing ; Highlights + graduate Tint )
从书店走出来, 看了这么眩目的天空。 因为太阳正好在斜后方, 我就利用了屋檐作遮光板,用蓝天测光。 发现了 Picasa 里头的 Graduate Tint 可以用来平衡天空和地面的光线。当然也可以用来增加反差。

It is important to meter the correct lightning if Graduate Neutral Density (GND) filter is not available in such conditions (Hack, it is always important to meter correctly if you want to take good photo). Try not to overexpose in digital camera as it is messy to fix the photo.

Here is the the tricks I learn from some photographers, meter the blue sky. Because the bright cloud might confuse the metering and make the photo darker.


1. 眼睛昏花看不清楚:~晕。~瞀。头昏目~。

2. 迷惑,迷乱:~于名利。~惑。

3. 古同“炫”,炫耀。

1. 光明照耀:光彩~目。

2. 夸耀:~耀。~鬻(夸耀卖弄)。~弄。


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