If Bolehland MoH failed, boycott that ASShole hospital

Posted On 28/05/2007

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Thanks to the lenient medical policies of Bolehland administration, the country private hospital ethics have deteriorate to a level equivalents to a new level. In addition, Bolehland MSM cowardliness climb to a new level.

This is about news about a woman attacked by a group of motocycle thugs. When the woman son send her to a hospital, he is asked to pay a huge amount(according to “road side” news, it is about US$2707, do the conversion youself using Bolehland exchange rates ) of deposit before the hospital. (And this portion has been censored by the NaSTy newspaper) However, since the son failed to pay the money after negotiate for quite some time, the hospital has discharge the woman even though it is an emergency case(and slap the son ~US400 with “medical equipment usage” fees ). The woman was later send to government hospital but die later (According to the “road side” news, she die of delay on treatment).

So what is the MORAL of the story?

Too bad, there is no moral for this story. We have heard many news about unethical hospital refuse to threat emergency case since many years ago. It worsen since Bolehland MoH (and with the help of Bolehland Boleh Parliament member) intention to privatize the whole medical system, and also negligent to install adequate ruling to check and punished unethical hospital.

So if you are Bolehland citizen that think hopeless about the situation, what should you do? Since Bolehland administration pro-commercialization are already in place thanks to “more than 80% voters” support.

Here is my suggestion, boycott thAt Bolehland ASShole hospital. Spread the news, tell all your friend and relative not to go to the hospital. Consider change to another hospital and medical center if necessary.

As a reminder to Bolehland, in way in case of emergency, NEVER EVER go to any private hospital, because you any private hospital can become an ASShole hospital as long as the MoH neglect their job.
Disclaimer : Well, all this happens to Bolehland and should it resemble something in real life in some place in a South East Asia country, it is just coincident. Please don’t sue me. 😉


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