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Posted On 01/06/2007

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Before Berlin Wall abolished, East Germany.

An East Germany soldier are given order by his superior to shoot a citizen trying to escape from the border.

i. If he open fire, he will kill the citizen. It is will forbid his conscience, but
ii. If he refuse to open fire, he will be prosecuted as treason.

More story here here and a PDF document : THE HONECKER TRIAL.

1943, Karl Popper “The Open Society and Its Enemies Volume”. Chapter 9: Aestheticism, Perfectionism, Utopianism.

Platonic and Utopian canvas cleaning – and destroying society in the process:

This is the way in which the artist-politician must proceed. This is what canvas-cleaning means. He must eradicate the existing institutions and traditions. He must purity, purge, expel, banish and kill. (‘Liquidate’ is the terrible modern term for it.) Plato’s statement is indeed a true description of the uncompromising attitude of all forms of out-and-out radicalism – of the aestheticist’s refusal to compromise. The view that society should be beautiful like a work of art leads only too easily to violent measures. But all this redicalism and violence is both unrealistic and futile.

And we see Democide that kill around kills 260 millions people in 20th century.

Nope, I am neither talk about Lina Joy case , nor about the famous Declassified Documents.

But I know history will repeat itself if we are not careful about it.


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