No thanks to self-serving “master” 文字障

Posted On 03/06/2007

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I will not mentioned any name. To get a hint, read this blog .

It remind me a short story from Zen history.

Ang-Shan master told his apperentice Wei-Shan , “If you failed to ditch all you conception about religions and its transcript, you can never achieve enlightenment”

Wei-Shan answer, “I just ditch my believe in religion”.

Ang-Shan master ask, “So, did you ditch the religion because your aware of it; or did you ditch the religion because you don’t believe it?”.

Wei-Shan answer, “That’s nothing I should believe beside myself!”.

Ang-Shan master ask, “Well, it only mean you achieve a slight enlightenment.”

Wei-Shan answer, “I don’t even bother whether I can become Buddha”.

Ang-Shan master ask, “Let me ask you, how many chapter of Mahaparinirvana Sutra transcript are the actual Buddha teaching and how many of it are misguiding?”

Wei-Shan answer, “The whole transcript are misguiding.”

After listen to the answer, Ang-Shan master say in pleased, “Great, from now on, nobody may confuse you”.

1. If you think the above conversation are mean to forsake religion, it prove you are an idiot.

2. Besides Bodhidharma, many ancient philosopher has foreseen people will misguided by book and transcript.

3. I don’t believe in propaganda mainstream media. Nor I believe interpretation of transcript from another human being.

又有所谓的 ”仙家“ 政治人物乱来利用信仰和宗教书本来大吼特吼。


仰山回答 :“我连信仰都不要呢!“

师(沩山)坐次,仰山入来。师曰:“寂子速道。莫入阴界。”仰曰:“慧寂信亦不立。”师曰:“子信了不立,不信不立?”仰日:“只是慧寂,更信阿谁” 师曰:“若恁么即是定性声闻。”仰曰:“慧寂佛亦不立。”师问仰山:“《涅槃经》四十卷,多少是佛说,多少是魔说?”仰曰:“总是魔说。”师日:“己后无人奈子何。“


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