Istana Budaya – lack of culture

Posted On 04/06/2007

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Despite being one of the kitsch building ever build, the “so called” national theater, Istana Budaya (Palace of Culture) are a place that lack of culture.

Just read the list of stage shown inside Istana Budaya, a foreigner will though Malaysia are still under colonization ruling.

Recently, Istana Budaya make a recruitment advertisement over all mainstream newspaper. This is what I read from a Chinese newspaper about the MAIN CRITERIA :

面试者必须面目佼好。 (the candidate must be handsome/beautiful)

(I will try to take a snap and post the photo of the ads )

Are Istana Budaya looking for beauty queen/beauty king?

For those audience not as rich as those Datuk and Tan Sri that afford the front seat, people that sit 20 feets away from the stage can hardly differentiate a “beautiful look” performer vs “fair look” performer. But I am sure, if the performer can’t perform, the audience can easily spot the stiffness and flaw.


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