There is still flash flood with SMART

Posted On 04/06/2007

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What so special about this new?
Flash floods hit KL after downpour

Several areas in Pudu, Salak South and Ampang were hit by flash floods after an evening downpour yesterday.

Let me tell you, the multi-billions SMART (Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel) are suppose to create a buffer zone for the downpour to prevent flash flood.

And the best part of the SMART are here :

It begins at Kampung Berembang lake near Klang River at Ampang and ends at Taman Desa lake near Kerayong River at Salak South

Apparently, all the above area hit by flash flood are where SMART locate. This is interesting.


One Response to “There is still flash flood with SMART”

  1. meiqin

    hey! maybe ah because people not paying any “road-money” yet ma , so the billions longkang not working lo?!?! i also confusing la by the flash cos we all so “trust” the government that with multi-billions spend, the flash flood will go away! but ….i reserved the right of free speech! hahahhha

    moo_t : -_-“”

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