Are Kuala Lumpur ready for another 1970 floods?

Posted On 11/06/2007

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I think most Malaysian, especially those work or stay in Kuala Lumpur know the answer : Pray it hard.

It seems Bolehland government refuse to make any “cost-effective” decision to retain the rain water. Compare to 1970, most land in Kuala Lumpur already converted to high-rise and car park. It means the ability of Kuala Lumpur land to retain the rain water are hundreds times weaker than 1970.

Widening Klang River are only conventional way of flood control. But ever rising sea level due to global warming might invite a new threat – Tidal Bore . (Sarawak has an annual event of Tidal bore at Batang Lupar) Such phenomena will cause a back-flash of sea water back to its stream. Even tidal bore are not recorded in Klang river, but the ever rising sea level will slow down the water channel to the sea.

There is also another flaw of river widening practice : water of Klang River are actually combine of form Gombak River and Klang River(source from Ulu Klang). Both river intersect at Masjid Jamed. This mean the city center of Kuala Lumpur are also prone to flood due to the upper river bank rain water. So the major flood will not just come from Kuala Lumpur city center itself, but with the help of Ulu Klang, Gombak area, etc.

So the formula of 1970 flood are not just due to “continuous rain of Kuala Lumpur”, but a series of rain from nearby area that overflow Klang river bank.

Imagine this :

A 3 day non-stop down pour at Klang gates Dam force the flood gates to open. And Batu Dam also facing similar problem and open the flood gates. Kuala Lumpur city just face an overnight down pour and flash flood happens everywhere. In Shah Alam, and Klang area, rain water flushing down Klang river and slow down the water coming from Kuala Lumpur. In the 3rd day, Kajang are also face the downpour problem.

And the SMART project has reach it alarm rates and evacuate people from the tunnel. Alas, the flood water traps has cause major traffics jam on SMART tunnel exit. Cars inside the tunnel are no way to run as flood water are start flowing INTO SMART tunnel. And the lower drainage level of SMART almost near the capacity. The tunnel administrator cannot decide since it is massive public properties and the tunnel are not design to traps water with lots of cars. Water entering the tunnel fast, and siren has been sound. Panic people are searching for emergency exit….

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur – the mud land.


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