Vision 2020, and now vision 2057!!!? I am speechless

Posted On 17/06/2007

Filed under Food for thoughts

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Let the media propaganda begin.

We know Tun M vision 2020 are going SNAFU(Status Normal, All Fucked Up). Apparently, when he bring out vision 2020, he has some idea about the beast call “globalisation”. However, after many “experiments”, it show that business reality and politicians perception are totally different story.

So 2057 are 50 years ahead. No advanced country leader are able to make a “vision”, because most of them will not live through their political life to execute it.

Some people will argue, there is better with a vision than no vision. Alas, 3000 years ago, Zhuang-Zhi(庄子) notice idea from the a few powerful can be a disaster to the society, those people will try to impose strong law to “fix up” the people. Karl Popper The Open soceity and Its Enemies has more details description about it.

Are Tun M vision 2020 anything better than Mao Tze Dung The great leap forward. Alas, I might not live long enough for a mature open society to study it.


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