Some recycled jokes for Bolehland

Bolehland Prime Minister son-in-law visits the mental hospital and gives a lecture about the country progress, and talk about his vision to become the youngest Prime Minister in Bolehland. Everybody claps loudly except for one person who keeps quiet. The son-in-law ask : “why aren’t you clapping?” and the person replies “I’m not a psycho, I work here.”


An old Bolehland people say to another, “No my friend, we will not live long enough to see vision 2057, but our children… poor children.”


* Q: Is it true that there is freedom of speech in the Bolehland the same as there is in the USA?

A: In principle, yes. In the USA, you can stand in front of the White House in Washington, DC, and yell, “Down with Bush!”, and you will not be punished. Just the same, you can stand in front of PutraJaya and yell, “Down with Bush!”, and you will not be punished.

Best ever Bolehland media report

11 Jun 2007
Last night the rive next to the capital city of Bolehland just fulfill the five year plan of irrigating the city in 6 hours.

p/s: And the city down south has done it earlier.


Q: What is more useful — newspapers or TV? A: Newspapers, of course. You cannot wrap Nasi Lemak in a TV.

And response to Bolehland Internet task force to “curb porns”

Do not think. If you think — do not speak. If you think and speak — do not write. If you think, speak and write — do not sign. If you think, speak, write and sign — don’t be surprised.


Bolehland Prime Minister Mr Dollah are damn angry about Doc Maverick criticizing his grand longing visions . He told his SIL , use ISA or your rempit team, just get Mave in front of me at Sri Perdana.

When Doc Maverick reach in Sri Perdana, Mr Dollah are waiting for him. Mr Dollah tell Maverick, “You are wrong about me, lets talk about it.”

Walking with Mr Dollah at Sri Perdana, Doc Maverick are amuse with the grandest make up of the building.
Mr Dollah say, “Don’t worry, in year 2057, most of the Bolehland people will live in similar building, and every house will hold a professional”.

Doc Maverick, “Hah, that’s a new jokes”.


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