China test satelite obliterate technology

Posted On 28/06/2007

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At 5:28 PM EST on Jan. 11, 2007, a satellite arced over southern China. It was small — just 6 ft. long — a tiny object in the heavens, steadily bleeping its location to ground stations below, just as it had every day for the past seven years. And then it was gone, transformed into a cloud of debris hurtling at nearly 16,000 mph along the main thoroughfare used by orbiting spacecraft.

It was not the start of the world’s first war in space, but it could have been. It was just a test: The satellite was a defunct Chinese weather spacecraft. And the country that destroyed it was China. According to reports, a mobile launcher at the Songlin test facility near Xichang, in Sichuan province, lofted a multistage solid-fuel missile topped with a kinetic kill vehicle. Traveling nearly 18,000 mph, the kill vehicle intercepted the sat and — boom — obliterated it. “It was almost just a dead-reckoning flight with little control over the intercept path,” says Phillip S. Clark, an independent British authority who has written widely on the Chinese and Russian space programs.

Souce China’s Space Threat: How Missiles Could Target U.S. Satellites

This is not James Bond Die another day(2002) movies. In fact, with join efforts of USA and British, they can actually launch many ASAT (Anti SATellite missile) to swarm the Icarus. If all resort failed, everybody still can maneuver other satellite ramp into Icarus to destroy it with hyper-velocity.

Because nobody own the earth orbit, anyone who afford it can launch satellite to space. But there is one exception, the international society shares the location information of commercial, weather,etc satellite orbit.

Because satellite lifespan are less than 20 years due to harsh environment, many satellite has went out of order since Human launch the first satellite since 1957. Such junks has become major concern of international satellite society. From time to time, control center must adjust the orbit to avoid collision to the space junk. By traveling 4KM/s (240KM/min, 14,400KM/hours) , at the moment, no satellite are able withstand the impact of the space junks.

The dangers of ASAT technology is not about destroying satellite in 1 hit, but the results of the hit : where the space junk become high density travel in various direction. A ping-pong balls size debris can create a huge hole to any satellite.

It is just matter of time that an International treaty draft on ASAT. Whether like it or not, Bolehland has no choice but sign such treaty that “interference with foreign affairs”.


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